Week 2 & 3

One thing I left out of Week One’s blog was our evangelism training. Youth for Christ Roxboro sent Kate up to OMC to teach us how to use our personal stories and our campers’ stories to relate to Christ’s story, thus 3 Story Evangelism. It’s a relational based witnessing method that really allows campers to see the human connection we have with Christ, it makes God real because we can relate our stories to Christ.

Our second week of training began with two days of rock climbing which is where I found my greatest ability. We climbed one rock face that was 150 ft tall. Due to my climbing class at college this past semester I was ahead of the rest of the SHERPAs in climbing and belaying technique, but they learned quickly and now we all are qualified to belay the rock wall on OMC’s campus. On Wednesday we learned games and initiatives to play with the students. Thursday and Friday we went back to the Nantahala and ran it four more times. Saturday we began learning dramas and skits and then went to Ashville for a night of great food and fun people watching. We went to a cute little chocolate lounge called the French Broad and I had some awesome Chai ice cream!

Monday of week 3 we packed up our backpacks and started on our 28 mile hike. My pack weighed about 35 lbs but by the end of the four day hike was about 27 lbs due to eating the meal I was carrying. The first day we hiked about four miles into our first camp. Day two we hiked about eight miles with a small ran shower. Day three was our hardest day; we hiked 12 miles. Six miles were straight up and the other six were straight down in the pouring rain. We all came into camp damp, tired and dejected. Satan had stolen the joy we should have had from accomplishing such a hard hike and put in our hearts irritation and dejection. Now we look back on the experience as a growing time both emotionally and spiritually. Thursday we had an easy five mile hike out which was a complete turn around from the day before. We stopped at a swimming hole and I jumped off a twelve foot rock into frigged water. Friday we got off and enjoyed sleeping in! Saturday and Sunday we spent with a Christian counseling couple learning how to deal with potential traumatic experiences and deep problems campers could have. We experienced Inner Healing Prayer and I found some peace from some past insecurities. Now we just had to wait for campers to come.


Week 1

Wow! What an amazing experience so far! The mountains are beautiful here and the view is breath taking every time you walk out of the cabin.

On monday I drove five hours all the way to Maggie Valley NC to the Outdoor Mission Camp. I met the other SHERPAs and we jumped head first into training.

Tuesday began with a devotion and some quite time then a 2.5 mile hike up to Thunder Knob. It was a struggle for me to climb my way up this mountain. I was not acclimatized yet and I’m not in the best shape but it was fun and exciting. At the top we were able to look into Tennessee and we had fun walking across a long beam. I know that this is the first of many difficult hikes.

On Wednesday we continued our bonding through Challenge courses and just hanging out.

Thursday and Friday we began out WFA (Wilderness First Aid) training. We learned how to rescue someone who has suffered a sprain, break, spinal injury, dislocation, is unconscious, or has any kind of wound or cut. It was very intense, hard, and long but it was fun and at the end of the day we were certified.

Saturday we began our white water raft training on the Nantahala River. We ran it once switching guides all the way down. We spent four hours on the river and I got slightly sunburned. We did have one injury but it was not too serious and now the SHERPA has a great bruise she can boast about!

Today is Sunday and we went up to see some water falls on the Nantahala. It was a beautiful way to experience God’s creative power! I’m writing it post in a hurry because in twelve minutes we will be having our worship service. I will be writing soon in more detail. Much love!

Jehovah Jireh

So at the beginning of my journey with SHERPA I was daunted by the task of raising enough funds to participate. I kinda made this little deal with God;

Me: “Hey God, I’m going to take how you provide for me as a sign for whether or not I should be apart of SHERPA. If I get the money then I’ll know it’s your will for me to go and if I can’t raise the money then I’ll take that as your way of saying ‘Nope Gena, that is not what I want you to do this summer.'”

Well, I know it is never a wise decision to challenge God or to test Him but unfortunately I didn’t believe He would provide for me. I was afraid I had placed God’s voice in my desires and not let Him do the leading. But like always God is good and faithful! But through friends, family, the people at OMC, and oddly enough (or maybe divinely) a random public speaker, I knew in my heart that God was promising me He would be faithful.

The first way God came through for me was through my sister. She and her husband where trying to raise funds for a trip to India while I was struggling with the issue of how to raise the funds. I just so happened to be talking to her over the phone one day when I told her about my problem and how I was worried about not raising the money. She told be to send out support letters. AH HA! Perfect! God is good!

The second way God has provided for me was through the great generosity of my friends and family. Through them I was able to raise all the money I needed! unfortunately it was a very turbulent time of faith for me because everyday was a trail if God had been faithful to his promise. Would there be a new check in the mail? It felt like walking to the edge of a cliff every day, my faith on the line.

The most recent way God has provided for me was through a miscommunication between myself and the OMC directors which caused me to over pay for the summer. I had been worrying about not having enough money to buy the necessary hiking gear  I would need during the summer but God came through again and blessed me! I was talking to my friend the other day, telling her that I felt like God was asking, “How many more times do I have to prove to you I will provide?” And just to prove a point He slapped me across the face with all the support I needed.

Every day He shows me the deep measure of His provision and love and there is no doubt in my mind that Maggie Valley is where God has called me to serve this summer. So in less than twelve days I will be heading to Maggie Valley, NC and then to Honduras to embark on an adventure like I’ve never experienced before!

What is SHERPA?

Hello friends and family!

This is my blog for my summer experience with OMC (Outdoor Mission Camp) and the SHERPA program. I am so excited about going to Maggie Valley, North Carolina for eight weeks this summer to learn and grow in Christ. Here is the link to the OMC web site and a short discription of what SHERPA is all about.


So what is SHERPA?


The Himalayan mountain guides that selflessly enable, support, lead and guide the world’s most renowned mountaineers to reach the highest peaks.


     Outdoor Mission Camp’s two month training camp where young adult leaders, ages 18-26, develop skills, knowledge, wisdom and confidence. Three weeks of intensive Bible training, personal discipleship, wilderness skills, and certification programs, followed by five weeks of hands on coaching as young leaders apply themselves directly to evangelism, love, and adventure with kids. Then it’s on to South America to teach indigenous missionaries to use camp as an evangelism tool. OMC will prepare young leaders to work in youth organizations, share their faith, and serve God in the mission field.

I will be writting more as the summer gets closer and the specific plans come into play. For those of you who are praying for me and my experience please continue to pray for God’s provision! Right now I am struggling to raise the funds to make it to Maggie Valley. I’m not worried about it because I know God is faithful to provide, it would just be nice to know that everything is taken care of. I thank everybody who has helped me so far and are praying for me as I get ready to go! God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!