Week 2 & 3

One thing I left out of Week One’s blog was our evangelism training. Youth for Christ Roxboro sent Kate up to OMC to teach us how to use our personal stories and our campers’ stories to relate to Christ’s story, thus 3 Story Evangelism. It’s a relational based witnessing method that really allows campers to see the human connection we have with Christ, it makes God real because we can relate our stories to Christ.

Our second week of training began with two days of rock climbing which is where I found my greatest ability. We climbed one rock face that was 150 ft tall. Due to my climbing class at college this past semester I was ahead of the rest of the SHERPAs in climbing and belaying technique, but they learned quickly and now we all are qualified to belay the rock wall on OMC’s campus. On Wednesday we learned games and initiatives to play with the students. Thursday and Friday we went back to the Nantahala and ran it four more times. Saturday we began learning dramas and skits and then went to Ashville for a night of great food and fun people watching. We went to a cute little chocolate lounge called the French Broad and I had some awesome Chai ice cream!

Monday of week 3 we packed up our backpacks and started on our 28 mile hike. My pack weighed about 35 lbs but by the end of the four day hike was about 27 lbs due to eating the meal I was carrying. The first day we hiked about four miles into our first camp. Day two we hiked about eight miles with a small ran shower. Day three was our hardest day; we hiked 12 miles. Six miles were straight up and the other six were straight down in the pouring rain. We all came into camp damp, tired and dejected. Satan had stolen the joy we should have had from accomplishing such a hard hike and put in our hearts irritation and dejection. Now we look back on the experience as a growing time both emotionally and spiritually. Thursday we had an easy five mile hike out which was a complete turn around from the day before. We stopped at a swimming hole and I jumped off a twelve foot rock into frigged water. Friday we got off and enjoyed sleeping in! Saturday and Sunday we spent with a Christian counseling couple learning how to deal with potential traumatic experiences and deep problems campers could have. We experienced Inner Healing Prayer and I found some peace from some past insecurities. Now we just had to wait for campers to come.


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